Miembro de Argentina Green Building Council


Elegant design to complement contemporary bathroom products and décor.
Delicate porcelain glaze finish
Keys that allow selection of either partial or complete flush.
137mm minimum depth that allows to be installed, even where the space was foreseen for an in-wall cistern.

Great Versatility
Suitable for compact and elongated toilets
Easy installation
ABS plastic material
Capacity: up to 12 litres
Space saving
Water economy
Money saving
High design
More hygiene
Simplicity and accessibility
Simple maintenance
Water and money saving

Minimum Depth:
Optimum for already installed toilets

Thanks to its minimum depth of only 13.7cm, it allows to be installed in much reduced spaces.
Example: The space between the wall and an existing installed toilet. Ideal for placing the close coupled cistern in substitution for an in-wall cistern or for a flush valve. The seat cover always remains in an upward position.

Great Versatility:
One and only model for compact and elongated toilets.

Sole close coupled cistern suited to compact and elongated toilets, provided with all the elements needed for hanging (in compact toilets) or for supporting (in elongated toilets).
As regards support, the bolts are fixed to the cistern through guides, not through passing holes, thus  preventing leakage. It is also provided with a wall adjustment system for the cistern  to remain in contact with the wall, thus preventing a breakdown because of shocks.

Inlet valve

Flush valve